Health Journey {Phase 1}


If you have followed me you know that I have struggled with migraines and IBS for several years. To read the whole story click here. Because of medicine complications, I began to get frustrated. That is when one of my sweet IG followers shared about MRT testing + LEAP diet. They take your blood, send it out, and give you a report sharing what you are least reactive to all the way to most reactive. I decided to check it out because it seemed to make total sense for my highly inflamed immune system.

My most reactive foods ended up being blueberry, mango, vanilla, and corn. Corn is the worst…it is in absolutely EVERYTHING! Think corn starch, corn syrup, etc… That has been the hardest one to accept during the process. But, it is way easier to accept because all of the information comes directly from my blood. It isn’t just another diet where you let yourself have a cheat meal when everyone else is. You know for a fact that certain foods are harming your body.

After your test comes back your certified nutritionist (love mine and highly recommend: Courtney Rinehold) will talk with you and give you a plan of action in 6 different phases based on the results. The idea is start with your least reactive foods and start adding the others in.


Above was my phase1 plan (foods I could eat were in green) and my shopping trip haul. It really wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it might be. Yeah, I had the normal cravings of pizza/pasta/basically anything carb related…as well as some stomach issues and loss of energy…but I having the knowledge of what foods aren’t meshing well with my body helped tremendously. My game plan was to go to the closest health food store and load up on every single food I could have for this phase. Once my cabinets were full, I started researching (with the help of Courtney) all of the recipes I could throw together with these foods. Pinterest came in reeeeeaaal handy! See my LEAP specific board here.


Although I have always been able to cook, I never had too many ingredients on hand. Well, this process forced me to have everything stocked up and I had zero excuses. Habits are tough to break, and fast food had a tight grip on my dinner habits. Not even the taste as much as the time thing. Quick. This LEAP diet has made me slow down and plan. I learned the quickest and easiest meals, while experimenting with foods I’d never payed attention to. Some of my favorites:





Added to these were fresh and dried pineapple, hot black tea + sugar, peanuts… What I would do for lunch was make sure to prepare an extra helping of dinner to take the next day. This seemed to work for me without adding stress of preparing for the whole week. If I needed a quick meal, potatoes to the rescue!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.02.50 PM

And guess what! I have lost 10lbs since I first got my results! (5 lbs just watching my corn intake around the holidays and 5 lbs by the end of phase 1) Even though weight has not been my priority throughout this process, it is definitely a great motivator! Can’t wait to see what the next phase brings!

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