Happy Father’s Day, Dad! <3

(an ad I put in the local paper for Father’s Day 2010)

My father is THE greatest man I have and will ever know. (My husband comes in a very close second!) Dad has been a steady rock at times when I needed stability, a warm embrace when I needed comfort, a healing hand when I needed fixing, and good advice when I most definitely needed guidance!

Without my Dad I know I would not be the musical person I am today. Without my Dad I would still be thinking that the only Toto in the world was Dorothy’s little dog. Without my Dad I would still be thinking that the only Lionel in the world was the little kid with a blanket in the Peanuts gang. Without my Dad I would not have anyone to sing with on long road trips…. (We can, without a doubt, rock out to the duet “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine” by Ronnie Milsap and Kenny Rodgers!!!! ha!)

My Dad is the epitome of a hard worker. I guess that’s where I get my perfectionistic, Type A, personality. He’s instilled in me all of his best qualities…courageous, goal setter, strong, 110% percent, positiveness, leader, dignity, fair, honesty, truthfulness, morals… I could go on and on!

People told this to me while I was dating… “Jess, you cannot think that every guy out there is like your dad… They are NOT!” Well, now I can say that I have found the closest man having most of my father’s characteristics! I am a very lucky gal!

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you soooo much!


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