{GMG Advent Study} Week 4: PEACE

The last week of the {GMG Advent Study}, yes last…tear…is focused on PEACE. What is peace???

Peace is learning to trust in God, even in the midst of the chaos. Peace comes when I set my heart on what’s lasting and true, not on temporary things. Peace is having confidence in a God who loved me so much He was willing to send His precious Son to Earth as a helpless babe, to save a wretched sinner like me. Peace is saying no to the world, and yes to God. That is the kind of peace that I need in my life during the chaos of Christmas and all year long! –exerpt from this week’s devotional by Whitney at GMG 

It is becoming more difficult for me to be a “Mary” in a “Martha” world… This is even more true around the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. This week started out with the devotional I’ve quoted above.  The topic was comparing that first Christmas to the “peace-challenging” moments we experience today. I can imagine that first Christmas wasn’t as peaceful as our culture likes to portray it as…with clean linens, behaving animals, and a sleeping baby. When we fast forward to the present we know our every day life isn’t as smooth as we might want it to be either. We lead busy lives and barely have the to time spend with the people who matter most to us. Don’t live life as a “Martha” trying to get your peace from a clean house, behaving kids, and perfect attendance at church… Martha paid too much attention to the small details of life and completely missed the one that mattered most. Mary, however, didn’t worry about Jesus seeing a dirty kitchen, perfect entertainment, or eating good food…she only wanted to soak in His knowledge and love. Strive to be a Mary this holiday season and soak up God’s love to share with those around you, instead of obsessing over the details.  Get your peace by keeping Christ in your CHRISTmas this year.

God Bless & Have A “Mary” Christmas,

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