Fitness Friday “Transformations”

Fitness to me has been part of my life ever since I can remember. From being in dance for 7 years, mulitple sporting teams throughout adolescents, then into collegiate volleyball playing and coaching, all the way to training for a half marathon into 8 weeks of pregnancy. Being active has been a normal thing for me. That all changed when I had a baby. The hours I had used for fitness suddenly didn’t exist anymore. My energy level tanked and my willingness to put in the extra time plummeted…being a working wife/momma, blogger, coach, and singer didn’t help my time crunch and lack of energy either. I shed the majority of my baby weight by breastfeeding and ended up losing the rest of my 60+ lbs from pregnancy weight from illnesses that hit me harder from crazy hormones. (migraines & Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Once those things leveled out last year, my weight went up. Around last November I decided to join Haley & her fit sisters along for a few online challenges. With Haley as my coach, I was able to shed the extra pounds and add the muscle I used to have. 
My fitness journey is not an obsession and not a race. My goal has always been to get and stay strong for myself and my family and get back to the active lifestyle I had before having Rypken. I haven’t gotten back into running yet because of my time constraints still…but I have strapped my tap shoes on from time to time, and used TurboFire, YouTube videos, and Pinterest workouts (and lots and lots and lots of pushups) to get my body shaped up. It is not perfect and will never be…but my goal of becoming stronger is happening! I’ve went a few weeks with being sick and not eating right, but did not let that detour me from getting back on the wagon. Whether or not the scale goes down, if your drive is still there you will keep seeing results!
I encourage you to get back not the wagon even if you fall off countess times!

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  1. March 30, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    I love your motivation! I feel like mine goes down hill in winter but as I see signs of spring I’m ready to get more active again. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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