Fitness Friday: Heart Rate Monitor

Thanks to my trainer, Haley, and a few Instagrammers…I asked Santa for a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor for Christmas! I have been sooooo happy with the choice and find that I push myself harder when I see my heart rate isn’t where it needs to be. The Polar FT4 works perfectly for my workouts because I am not running long distances like I use to and I am adding moves so I can workout at home…body weight exercises, aerobic/dance/kick-boxing cardio, stairs, etc. The monitor tells me my heart rate range, when I’m in that range &/or not in the range, how many calories I’ve burned, and saves the data! So convenient for a working momma who can’t make it to a gym and doesn’t have fancy machines at home! I highly recommend a heart rate monitor to precisely track your workout progress without giving you a false sense of security. With the chest band, the FT4 will never steer your wrong…you will get a solid reading more times than none!


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