Fitness Friday

As the Haley‘s Holiday Challenge comes to an end, it is so great to finally feel stronger again! I wasn’t perfect with my diet nor workout, however; that’s never my goal. My expectations for this challenge were to get focused on making healthier decisions by:

1. Diet

    – Dieting is always a challenge for me….but without a doubt, it is the main way I see results the quickest! Throughout this challenge I cut out or cut down all of the major problems I had been having (candy bars, 5 slices of pizza, etc.), and in turn cut my calories. By substituting granola bars for candy bars & a lean pocket for a small pizza, I can definitely tell my waist is shrinking.

2. Exercise

     – Exercise is normally a time management thing for me…and all who know me, know that time management is not my forte. lol  This meant, I had to make sure I planned out workouts (doesn’t have to be formally…just keep your workout time slot in mind.). My workouts are never more than 45 minutes. TurboFire helped a TON and when I couldn’t do those high intensity workouts, I used THIS workout and THIS workout from my Pinterest page. When we got near a foot of snow this past week, I used sledding as a workout a few days and I’ve also dusted my tap shoes off to get a fun cardio sesh in. 🙂  My goals are to be active at least every other day.

3. Mr. Mom     

– Having a 2 year old can definitely skew your workout time. Without the help of my amazing hubby, there is no way I could be consistent with any of this! Having help makes a huge difference!

4. Hard work

     – Haley‘s private Facebook challenge group helped me to be accountable, as well as social media, and this blog! Find whatever motivates you and keep using it! Choosing to make better decisions with your health will never be easy 24/7. There will be plenty of times that you won’t want to stop eating, eat the better choice, sweat, hurt, be out of breath…but when you keep your focus and start seeing results, it is worth it!
I will be continuing my journey with Haley, my online trainer, through the New Year! I encourage you to check her and her sisters’ website out to get more info on how to be a healthier you! 


  1. December 14, 2013 / 10:08 am

    I recently found you via Instagram and so glad I did!! I am going to order the Turbo Fire ASAP!! Do you use the shakeology? You are such an inspiration!! Mandy

  2. December 15, 2013 / 12:04 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Having a hubby that helps is so key. Looks like you have a good one 🙂 So proud of you.

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