Fitness Friday

I finished Haley‘s “Holiday Hotness Challenge” this past weekend, and couldn’t believe my results!?! In just 30 days I lost almost 10 pounds and many inches…my clothes are not as tight and I am less winded when running around with Ryp!!!!! So exciting, especially since I haven’t been super strict with the holidays happening and all…but I have been making sure to get my workouts in almost every day. My goal was to become stronger and even though I am still working on that with Haley‘s next challenge: “Train Mean for 2014″….I do feel as though I am so much stronger and my upper abs have even been poking out!? It’s all about consistency, and with one of two big time foodie holidays behind me, I am very happy with my progress! Be sure to check out Haley and her sisters on: website, facebook, and instagram!

Be sure to keep your health in mind when those holiday goodies come into play… (I’m really just giving myself a pep talk. lol) Even if you give in to the treats, make time for your exercise regiment!

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