Fitness Friday

As the last week of my second challenge from my online trainer, Haley of, I feel stronger. I am not sure if I actually lost weight or not (we don’t weigh until the very end), but I definitely feel like I’ve toned up…which was my main goal! Can’t wait to keep the fun going with Haley in the next challenge!

If you are feeling you need a little extra umph to get your fitness routine rolling, I highly recommend these 30 day challenges! It’s a private little group of ladies with the same goal in mind…and the positivity is amazing! We share ideas, recipes, encouragement, and so much more! Here’s an example of my #flexfriday post in our Train Mean for 2014 Challenge. I shared a few exercises from my workout and a tip about my Polar monitor.

If you are interested, you can find Haley’s info on her Facebook pagewebsite, or Instagram!


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