Fitness Friday

Happy Friday, gorgeous!
I am sharing the #TransformationTuesday I posted this week on IG… It shows me 9 months pregnant vs. me 2 weeks ago (roughly 2 years difference). It is possible! I am not perfect. My midsection is still jiggly with stretchmarks and I’m not at my goal weight or size, but I am on my way to a better me. You can do it to! You don’t have to join a gym, starve yourself, or workout all the time!? You just have to be consistent… If I don’t have a great day with food, then I make sure to get a good workout in–and vice versa–If I am way too busy to workout, then I make sure to really watch my caloric intake that day. I usually watch my portions and workout for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. I promise you, that is all I’ve been doing! Of course, at the beginning of this journey I was more strict on myself…but as time has gone by, it’s become more of a lifestyle instead of a grueling challenge. 

Need more motivation? I did too! I highly recommend HALEY and her sisters to give you the extra boost you need! Have a great weekend!!!

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