Fitness Friday

Happy Valentine’s/Fitness Fri-Day!
Do you love your body enough to take care of it? All it takes is a little effort and determination. Need help? My online trainer, Haley, can give you the extra boost of confidence and knowledge you need to take you far! She helps me keep moving forward everyday! I wanted to share a #TransformationTuesday post from IG to give you an idea of my fitness journey. (left = November 2013, middle = holidays, right = last week) You can do it too! Just keep your goals in mind!
My workouts now consist of YouTube videos and Pinterest circuit workouts. I don’t workout but for 30-40 minutes (and I rest in between if needed). My heartrate monitor (my post about it) keeps me in check and I usually workout until I burn around 200 calories. I do that around 3 times a week and watch my portions when eating…that’s it! I’ve made it a lifestyle change and absolutely love it!

I encourage you to make the decision to love your health today!

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