Fitness Friday

I am joining the lovely Haley of the FourFitSisters in her #HolidayHotnessChallenge for 30 days! The holidays are a time of family, tradition, and FOOD. That is why I have committed to focusing on a healthier me these next 30 days to jumpstart better fitness choices. Thanks to Haley, I have TurboFire workouts to use and will be trying Shakeology for the 30days! Can’t wait to share my entire journey on my Fitness Friday posts!
Be sure to check out Haley & sisters on their website, Facebook page, & Instagram. (or my sidebar!)

My fitness story:
Taking care of my body was never something I thought about until I had a baby. I grew up dancing as a child and transformed into a volleyball collegiate athlete. Because of my activeness, I never had to “try” to maintain/lose weight or watch my diet. After college I married my best friend…and 10lbs later, I took up running. As I was training for a half-marathon I became pregnant. I tried to continue the running, but the last time was when I ran 12 miles at 8weeks along. When I became pregnant my non-diet turned into a problem, as I gained 60lbs by the end of the 9months…and being 5’2″ unfortunately made all of that weight cling to everything (belly, rear, face, arms, legs, etc). After having Rypken, nursing helped rid 30+ lbs within the first month or two. I then lost all but 10lbs the next few months by getting back into being active. Due to the hormone fluctuation, my being prone to migraines and irritable bowel syndrome threw me into a tizzy. I stopped excersizing and focused on how to get healthy again. I lost the rest of my baby weight plus some, but not the way I was hoping for. Praise be to God I found the right doctor, chiropractor, and medicine to get me healthy again. Without a change in diet and fear of exercising (migraines), I have now gained 10 lbs in the passed year. I do not feel I am overweight, just not as healthy or fit as I would like to be…not only for me, but for my family. My goal is to make better lifestyle choices in the kitchen and make time for myself to get strong.


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