Fitness Friday

My recent journey to become a physically stronger version of myself has been very positive so far! Thanks to the #holidayhotnesschallenge hosted by my friend Haley of, I have gotten back into a regular exercise routine. This challenge has reminded me that once I put in the time to workout, my eating choices get better without having to think about it as much. Food is usually where I find myself failing in the whole “be healthy” mindset… I enjoy chocolate and all things carbs more than I can put into words. Throughout this challenge I have learned that substitutions and portion control make a huge difference! For me, it’s not about a drastic life change as much as it is getting into better, more realistic habits.

For more information on Haley’s next challenge and great advice, please check out her Instagram, Website, and Facebook page

Below are a few of my recent social media posts documenting my fitness journey.
We recently were it with a huge winter storm… So, my workout today consisted of playing with the little  (video below) and shoveling our driveway and sidewalk! 🙂
I know around the holidays it is so difficult to stay in a consistent fitness routine. So, here’s to making better choices and getting results!

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