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I read when I can and am usually part of a Bible study with my home church. I was never a big reader growing up, but in my adulthood I’ve found reading as a great way to relax my brain. My favorite reads are definitely by faith based authors. I want to focus my mind on what matters most. Recently, I have been living for podcasts! They are great when you are cleaning house, driving, working on a computer, or just chilling out! There are so many to pick from, but I will share with you the ones I’ve been loving lately.

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FERVENT by Priscilla Shirer // This is my all time favorite book. If you need help with your prayer life, encouragement in any way…this book is a battle plan. If you’ve watched the movie WAR ROOM, these are your own instructions to make just that.  After you read this book, you will have at least ten prayers ready and written out for you to be more purposeful when you pray.

  • More by Priscilla I love: Breathe, Gideon, Annointed-Transformed-Redeemed

MAKE IT HAPPEN by Lara Casey // If you feel like you are overwhelmed, doing ALL.THE.THINGS., or just need some focus, then this book is perfect for you! I spoke at a women’s conference a year or so ago and I got most of my direction from the first chapter of this book! So uplifting and powerful!

GRACE, NOT PERFECTION by Emily Ley// Are you a perfectionist like me? If so, I highly recommend you pick this baby up! The motto behind is genius, “I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.” Don’t we all need more of that?

  • More by Emily I love: A Simplified Life *I’m currently reading this! It goes with my One Little Word of the year, SIMPLIFY!*

SWIMMING IN GRACE by Ashley Danielle // I’ve known Ashley for a handful of years now. We used to write for the same Christian magazine. I’m so proud of her and the book she has written about her story! If you struggle with forgiving yourself for bad decisions, then this book is perfect for you!

  • I’m also giving one away to a wonderful reader, as well! Just follow along on my Instagram page! You can order one here!

365 Devotions for Peace by Cheri Cowell // This is my go-to daily devotional. When I was home this summer I shared this a lot on my social media pages. I liked to sit on my front porch swing, read, and journal in my Write the Word journal (by Lara Casey of course ha!). I struggle with anxiety and this devotional focuses around how to release your worries and rest in Him.


THE DAVE RAMSEY SHOW // If you need a kick in the pants when it comes to your budget, Dave Ramsey is your guy. I love him! We are using his principals on our finances and we are now on our way to being debt free!

STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS // I’m a history teacher, so this podcast caught my eye when I was reading through Carly’s podcast blog post from a while back. I listened to the episode on nuclear bomb close calls today, considering the Hawaii “error” today.

GOING BEYOND MINISTRIES w/PRISCILLA SHIRER // Yes, another Priscilla Shirer recommendation. I can’t help it! I’m hooked! I went and watched her speak a year or so ago too…it was magnificent. I take notes as I’m listening to her…it’s too good not to.

FOR THE LOVE w/JEN HATMAKER // Jen is a NY Times best-selling author and she was on HGTV. She now hosts this great podcast and talks all things people, home, stories, shoes, family, Jesus, community, tv, accessories, food, and culture. I found her because she interviewed Emily Ley (of course ha!), but she also talks with everyone from the Pioneer Woman to the lady who wrote the current Bible study I’m reading “Looking for Lovely,” Annie F. Downs.

PROVERBS 31 MINISTRIES // If you just need a quick encouragement, then Lysa Terkerust’s podcast is great! They are one minute reminders of God’s love and they seem to be uploaded daily!


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