{Fashionable Friday} TGIFF & Some Extra!

This week was full of Christmas festivities! You will be seeing a few Christmas gifts mixed in with some clothes I’ve already introduced you to.  I have a few pictures with Rypken because those were the only pictures I took in that outfit… This week has gone by so quickly! Christmas break is almost over… *tear* Going to soak up these last few days before going back to work!
{Cardi} Old Navy
{Scarf} Dollar Store!
{Jeans} American Eagle
{Flats} Sperry Topsiders
{Red Polka Dot Shirt} J. Crew online clearance
{Vest} NY & Co gift
{Jeans} American Eagle
{Flats} not pictured Ugg Loafers
{Sweater} Target
{Skirt} J.Crew online clearance
{Tights} Walmart
{Flats} Tory Burch Revas clearance @ Nordstrom Rack
{Green Bubble Necklace} Very Jane online
{Chambray Oxford} Target
{Jeggings} American Eagle
{Scarf} Gift
{Boots} Urbanog.com *under $40!
{Sweater} Old Navy
{Gingham Oxford} J.Crew
{Jeans} American Eagle
{Wool Flats} Sperry Topsiders *soooo warm and comfy!
{Sweater} Old Navy
{Leggings} Walmart
{Boots} Uggs
{Sweater *my new fave} Old Navy
{Jeggings} American Eagle
{Wool Flats} Sperry Topsiders
{Oxford} Ralph Lauren Polo
{Jeggings} American Eagle
{Sunglasses} Ralph Lauren Polo
{Leapord Flats} Sperry Topsiders

A little extra!
Here is a pic from my trip south to the innies house in the MO Bootheel. Yes, this “yankee girl” (as my innies like to refer to me as haha) had to wear pink with camo and my coach wells. Yes, that is a tame baby deer giving me kisses. Yes, my son is bundled up like Ralphie’s bro from the Christmas Story. hahaha  
Here I am heading to a special shoot that I cannot wait to share! My fabulous photog, d-Squared Designs, had some super creative ideas for pictures to share on this blog! Ps- The lipstick is Merle Norman if you were wondering. lol 😉
Finished my first Vlog tonight!!! I will be posting on here this coming Tuesday for my brand new “How To-sday”! Be sure to check back for that!!! 
I’m sure from the vlog pic, you noticed my new toy…a MacBook was my big Christmas prezzie this year! I absolutely am in love!!!!! I can FaceTime, record video, and soooooo much more… So excited to be using it for this blog!
Whew, that was a long Fashionable Friday! As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to share them on here or send me an email! Hope your holiday season has been super!
God Bless & Dress to Impress 😉

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