Eyelash Extensions Q&A


Eyelash extensions are my definitely my biggest beauty secret! Whether it’s eating out and the waitress complimenting me on my gorgeous lashes, or all the Snapchat messages I get weekly on them…many can ever tell if my eyelashes are real or fake. All of the inquiries I receive are so shocked when I break the news that the lashes aren’t entirely all mine. Then the questions begin:

Are they extensions? Yes! Single “C + J curl” lash extensions are applied one at a time to my own lashes.

Where do you get them done? By my girl Sarah Dunlap at Oh La La Salon. She is certified and knows what she’s doing. (If you’re local, mention me for $ off!) I highly recommend you do your research before letting anyone get near your lashes. They need to be reputable and open to any questions you have! 

Do they make your natural lashes fall out? This is one of the biggest misconceptions with extensions. When you get your extensions, they are attached to your real lashes…yes. But the glue that they are adhered with will either loosen up within 4-6 weeks or your lashes will go through their natural cycle. I’ve noticed my lash cycle is a little longer than most, because I usually keep a full set on for around 5 weeks (on average). Any time you see an extension falling off with your real eyelash attached, more than likely the extension did not “rip out” the real one…your real lash just went through it’s cycle and and it was time to release. Every.Single.Time. I lose an extension I still have plenty of real lashes left behind in its place. 

How long do they last? 3-6 weeks This depends on your lash cycle and really?….It depends on how much your touch your eyes. If you are obsessed with them looking perfect and you start trying to manipulate them and/or pick at them, you will loosen them up before their appointed time. From my experience, the less you mess with them, the longer they last! 

What is the maintenance?  When I feel like I’m starting to look a little bare, then I just scrap them all and get an entirely new set. Some people choose to go in every 2-3 weeks and get a fill for pretty cheap, but I feel like I get way more bang for my buck my way. PLUS, I feel like it is more sanitary to go in every 4-6 weeks to give my lids a good scrub and start fresh. 

What is the average cost? It all depends on location. In a more rural location it will be way cheaper than in an urban area. Because I’m located south of STL, the going rate is around $50 a set and $15 or less for a fill (depends on how much of a fill you need). If you were to go into STL the going rate is $150-$275 and refills can cost $50-$175.  *For my budget, I stopped getting my nails done and extensions just took the place of that. 

How do you care for them? How do you wash your face without ripping them out? Caring for them is fairly easy. Using a clean mascara brush works to “detangle” and brush through your lashes. I have also used a bobby pin to help separate stubborn lashes. I don’t wear any eye makeup, so remover is a non-issue for me. If you do, then anything without an oil base will work. Oil will break down the glue and your lashes will start falling off way sooner than expected. I also wet a q-tip with water every now and then to give my eye lid and lash line a good wipe down. 

Can you swim? Yes! You can swim, take a shower, do normal activities… I just am cautious and have learned not to touch my lashes/eye lids as much. This has definitely prolonged my lash life!

Does the application hurt? Absolutely not. It’s actually very relaxing!  Having extensions is pain free as well. Sometimes you will have a rogue lash that may give you a little poke, but it’s nothing that I would call pain…just annoying. 

Can/do you wear mascara? I do not wear any mascara. (99% of the time I don’t even wear eye makeup) They do make specific mascara for extensions, though. Just ask your lash lady! Make sure it is the specifically made mascara, though…because regular mascara will be very hard on your extensions and cause them to clump up and not last as long. 

Did you ever ware falsies before getting extensions? No, I never wore falsies before getting extensions. The only time I ever wore fake lashes before last April was for my wedding in 2009. Too much work. My biggest reason for trying extensions in the first place was to cut down on my “getting ready” time…and to make me look like I have makeup on when I don’t! Less effort! Simplify! That’s what I’m talking about! 

If you want to see them in action, just watch my YouTube Vlogs! You can view them in all their glory!


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