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I would say most of us struggle with getting our Jesus time in. Whether we are too busy, too tired, too stressed, too distracted, or even…too lazy. For me, it is ALL-OF-THE-THINGS. The enemy seems to put everything in our way. How do we combat all of that and get our priorities straight? Well, that’s why I developed The Bible Binder®! Really, it was just because I couldn’t find something for myself to organize my entire life around what matters most…my prayer life, mom life, wife life, bill life, work life, etc.  The Bible Binder® does just that, fabulously.

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Even though I created The Bible Binder® and am a tad bias…lol… There are still other things that I have in my prayer life “tool box”. Anything from Lara Casey is a must! She was definitely an inspiration for me becoming an entrepreneur with my binders. If you haven’t read her book, Make It Happen, then go! Read! She also has created the Write the Word Journal that I love to stick in The Bible Binder® art pouch! This is great to use when listening to sermons and different functions when you just need something to stick in your purse to jot down inspirational words! I have personally used this when I went to a Natalie Grant concert and when I went to hear my absolute favorite lady warrior, Priscilla Shirer!

Write The Word Bible Journal Lara Casey Shop

Lara Casey also helps tremendously with goal setting (i.e.: praying more)! Goal setting is still something I am a tad shaky on and her Power Sheets have helped me zoom in on exactly what I want out of this season of life! They come hole punched and ready to insert into your favorite binder…HINT HINT…perfect in The Bible Binder®! *heart eyes emoji*

PowerSheets Ultimate Intentional Goal Planning Workbook Lara Casey Shop

She also has a spiral bound version that I use and love! It has stickers and all kinds of goodies in it! Whichever one you use, I promise, will help!


Of course, you can’t really dig very deep in your prayer life without the Word of God in your hands. One of the questions I get asked a ton is “What kind of Bible do you use?”… Answer: Standard Full Cover Bible (NIV) I aboslutely love it! Being a teacher, I love everything color coded and easy to understand! This Bible gives you a color “key” as a bookmark, so the coding is super easy to follow and gives you an idea of the theme of the verse.


I have had this Bible for close to 5 years and it has never disappointed. It is a little larger than most, but there is a soft bound version that you may like better. I just like the durability of a hardbound book. You can also find different versions if NIV isn’t your jam.


One of the best tools I have had help my prayer life is the book “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer! I cannot say enough great things about this book!  Watch the video explaining my excitement on my Facebook Page herePriscilla breaks down each chapter focusing on what tears us down the most. After you read each chapter you are encouraged to write down a prayer. She literally takes you step by step creating a very purposeful prayer that you will have to use as a suit of armor in the spiritual war we are facing!


Music always helps focus my thoughts on God. A few of my favorite worship songs right now are: “Just Be Held” Casting Crowns, “Oceans” Hillsong United, and “Just Breathe” Johnny Diaz. Being a worship leader, music just speaks to be more so than any other form of getting close to the Lord. If you haven’t tried listening to music during your prayer time, I highly recommend it!


If you have any questions about The Bible Binder® don’t hesitate to ask! We are celebrating Mother’s Day by giving 20% off through May 1st with the code “ILOVEMOM”! Yay!


*photo credits: All She Wrote Notes, DSquared Designs, Lara Casey*


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