Elf on the Shelf: A CHRISTmas Tradition

“Jack Jingles” came to our house this year for Rypken, my 2 year old. (Thanks to Rosie Nellie’sIt is so exciting to see my little boy excited to read about Jack every night…but my favorite part is when he says, “They’re praying to Jesus!”

Seeing how much Ryp enjoys Jack and the magic he brings during this time of year made me start looking for some ideas to give to Jack Jingles for next year! 

Here are a few Pinterest  ideas I’ve found for him:

Elf on the Shelf: Jesus Style
This has been one of the most popular ideas I’ve come across.  It is by Stephanie from Crayon Marks & Tiger Stripes!


Love this book idea from Creative Lady of the House who !
Elf on the Shelf: Jesus, Santa, & Elf
Great ideas on the parent struggle of the holidays from Following In My Shoes.

The Felt Nativity
I’m sure you’ve seen the felt Christmas Trees on Pinterest…I love this twist on the idea from My Crazy Blessed Life!

How cute is this manger scene craft idea!?
These are just a few of many great ideas you can find to incorporate Jesus into some favorite holiday traditions! Merry CHRISTmas!

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