Elf Helper


Christmas through a child’s eyes can be so much fun…but also a little stressful. This Elf Helper 1.0 Kit was made by a friend of mine! Elf season just got easier! Yay! No more 10pm google-ing of ideas…or 5am “oh crap” moments. This kit gives you an organized list of elf ideas with all the things that you will need to make it happen! *heart eye emoji* Anything that helps me work “smarter not harder” gets a gold star in my book. So happy I came across this last year! Cute and practical. Don’t have a super crafty friend? Look ahead a few days and get a few baggies… Put whatever you need for each day in the baggy. That is what made my life so much easier! Being able to grab and go! đŸ™‚

Kit includes: Arrival note, Googly eyes with note, magic glitter and note, candy canes and note to hunt for them, neon glow bracelets for hula hooping, expo marker for drawing funny things on pictures, red Pom Poms for Rudolph noses, balloons to blow up in the kids rooms, lunch sacks for a sack race with their stuffed animals, and supplies to turn toilet paper into a snow man with a note asking the kids if they want to build a snow man! Elf Helper kit comes in sturdy silver box to help your Elf keep all his materials safe and organized from year to year!

I now welcome “Jack Jingles” with open arms this year! haha



You may be able to find more ideas from a few pins on my “Deck the Halls” Pinterest board here, here and here! *But they won’t be this easy!*


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