Christmas Prepped

| vest | sweater (similar) | turtleneck | beanie | boots (similar –  exact pair on sale in black!)  | jeans | lipstick c/o | hair wand | photography: Bella Luxe |

Are you prepped for Christmas? Obviously the title was a play on words with the style of the outfit, but are you really ready? I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is approaching us!?! One week from now marks the most magical day! We are just about ready… We tried to get 100% finished this weekend, but failed when a big ice storm came raging into Missouri. No fun. So, we’ll try again tomorrow…as well as try to cram in as much holiday family fun as we can! Maybe some ice skating, a bunch of cookies, and tons of light watching! Sounds like a plan, right!? What are your plans? Hopefully to stay warm, because it’s literally in the single digits around these parts right now. Again, NO FUN. But, we’ll make the most of it!

Obviously, the weather in Missouri has not cooperated in a while. We shot these pictures in some BRUTAL conditions. *Pay attention to the fur on top of my beanie.* The wind…well, the wind never stopped. So, enjoy! 🙂 


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