Choo Choo Rypken’s 2

Rypken’s birthday is around the holidays and life always seems like it’s in fast forward from his birthday until now. So, finally, I am sharing my little’s 2nd birthday party! Ryp loves trains, so it seemed very fitting to have that be the theme. We never have a huge gathering of acquaintances, just very close friends and family to celebrate our special boy. We had the party at our church and focused the decorating mostly with the food table and cake table. My mom made the bunting out of a kit from Hobby Lobby, we got the table cloth/skirt and other party supplies from Party City, the personalized train topper was from Etsy, and the delicious cupcakes were the focal point. 

My good friend and co-worker, Whitney, is a very talented baker. Ever since I met her I’ve been pushing her to make it a business venture. Being the sweet and kind girl she is, she patiently listened and then shared her dream with me. I’m so excited to share her shop: Birdie Jane’s Cupcakery with you!!!

For the cake table we used black tape to make a train track. The cupcake trays were really just aluminum pans turned upside-down with cardboard cirlces painted black. A chalkboard from Hobby Lobby was used as a cupcake menu to share what each flavor was. Birdie Jane’s Cupcakery made candy melts to match the theme to put on the 3 dozen delicious treats! The smash cake was Ryp’s favorite flavor…chocolate! lol With the personalized topper at the front, it really pulled the whole idea together.

We didn’t focus the same amount of attention on the food table, but we tried to keep it cohesive. By putting one of Ryp’s gifts in front of the food and using the same aluminum trays and “wheels” for each dish…we got the same look without a lot of work. Add another homemade bunting and most of our decorating was finished!

It turned out to be such special memories! So blessed with great family and friends to help celebrate our bundle of joy!
Choo Choo Rypken’s 2!!! Happy Birthday!


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