Best Purchases of 2017

ONE // Iphone X

Our phones are our lifelines these days, right? Phone, text, internet, email, social media, camera, and so much more right at our finger tips…so it’s great to have one that works wonders and the iPhone X does just that! The no home button thing is just fine with me. I actually love it. It works very smoothly without having to hit an actual button and just using gestures.  I do prefer the finger print scanner over the face ID, but it’s not a deal breaker. It works fine. My favorite spec on the iPhone X is the camera. The front facing camera is significantly better and of course the portrait mode on it is amazing! I am using the pictures from my phone here on my blog! So much easier!

TWO // Lara Casey’s Encouragement Postcards 

I love following Lara Casey and the Cultivate team on social media. Everything to post is such a breath of fresh air! After making it a priority in 2017 to be more outwardly focused, I picked up all of their postcards during a sale. My favorites, though, are these Faith Postcards. They having sayings on them like:

  • I’m praying for you.
  • Be still and know.
  • Do not be anxious.
  • We become what be behold.
  • He is able.

I keep this pack on my desk at work and I love to surprise my coworkers when they least expect it. Because they are postcards, they have just enough room to write some encouraging words and some scriptures. I’ve really learned the power of giving is better than receiving through these cards this year!

THREE // Zella Leggings

I live in these leggings. I can sleep in them, wear them to work, lounge around the house, and even work out in them. They are so versatile! I have two pair, so I just interchange them…while one is in the wash, I wear the other. ha!

FOUR // Hamilton Tickets

Hamilton on Broadway. Those 3 words can get a person so darn excited! I didn’t know this musical was going to make me so giddy. As a history teacher, it was so great to see a play actually TEACH the people in the audience as they were entertaining. Not to mention, all the wonderfully catchy songs! You can read all about my NY trip here.

FIVE // Air Pods + Apple Watch

As I’m typing this, I have them in jamming to my girl Sheryl. (who I like to chill with at the local Mexican restaurant…you know that if you follow me on social media) Anyway, these puppies are so convenient. Do you NEED them… No. Do you *need* them *need* them… Yes! You know what I mean. It’s one of those accessories that take the place of a perfectly fine thing you already have…but so convenient and super cool that if you want to splurge on your birthday or Christmas, I recommend! No wires, cool case, great sound, and sleek design! They’ve actually inspired me to listen to more audiobooks and podcasts on top of my normal Hulu, YouTube, and music! I am living for podcasts right now! I will have to share my top picks soon! I almost forgot about my Apple Watch. Duh! The Air Pods and the Apple Watch were obviously made for each other. My watch was perfect this summer when I was running almost every day #teacherperks…I’m about to get back into that. #resolutions I wear it I feel naked without it. It works perfect when my phone is in my purse and I need to read a text or see who is calling really quick while at work or when I’m out and about and need to be hands free. My students ask me the temperature outside each day and with a flick of my wrist I can easily tell them if they need to wear their coats! I think it is great that I can switch out the bands to work out or go out. I have multiple bands, but I immediate purchased a leather band that I wear constantly. Mine is no longer, but here is Apple’s version. And here is the leather band of all leather bands… It’s just not in my budget.

SIX // Anastasia Brow Definer

This thing works magic. The end. I keep losing my brows and can’t pull the trigger on tattooing my face, so this does the trick. It has a triangular tip and a double end with a brush. I get medium brown and will never use another brow pencil! You can read all about my makeup routine here.

SEVEN // Starbucks Medicine Ball

When I was feeling stuffy and yucky, this drink worked wonders! The hubby and I are so hooked we learned how to make a dupe at home! He is literally sitting in the next room with one right now!?! Want the recipe? Read the post here.

EIGHT // Patagonia

I am always cold. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Doesn’t really matter. Patagonia pullovers are my go-to cozy tops. They pair with my running shorts, leggings, and jeans… You really can’t go wrong with any Patagonia! My favorite styles are the Better Sweater and Synchilla Snap-T Fleece. I also have the Better Sweater vest, Snap-T Fleece vest, and the Down Sweater Jacket.

NINE // Google Home + Hue Lighting

We started making our home smart this year. It is so cool to walk in the door and say, “Hey Google, turn the lights on.” I still geek out when all the lights turn on… #nerdalert You build on so many things to a Google Home. Our next purchase will be a Nest! Can’t wait to to say, “Hey Google, turn the temp up/down.”

TEN//  Drybar Triple Sec //

Game Changer. It’s not really dry shampoo, but it takes the grease out and gives you volume! The best part? It smells so good that people think I smell good all the time… Spoiler: It’s my dirty hair!


These are all items that were purchased, not sponsored! I highly recommend all of them! Let me know if you love them too! 


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