Best Day Ever

It really was the BEST DAY EVER. We planned to visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom before we headed to our family beach vacation this year to kind of “feel” Rypken out. Well, he absolutely loved it! We squeezed every minute we could out of our one day at the most Magical Place on Earth and you can see it all in the vlog (YouTube video) below! The trip started with Rypken riding an airplane for the very first time! That was an adventure on its own. That kid was a trooper! He even busted out some R. Kelly…just watch the video after you read this post. lol  We then met my Dad in Orlando, since he was already there for a work thing. We spent the rest of that travel day exploring Orlando and having fun at Disney Springs. (One of our favorite spots from our honeymoon 8 years ago!) The next day was the big one and it just happened to be my 31st birthday! Hooray! Needless to say, we made tons of memories! Now all we hear from Rypken is, “When can we go back?”

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