2016 Recap

Peace out 2016.


2016 was a year of learning. Learning what it meant to have real patience. Learning what it means to really trust God’s plan and not my own. Learning how scary motherhood can be. Learning how much people truly do care. Learning. These are pictures from my social media channels. Some of the post popular ones and some of my favorites thrown in to give you a recap of what the year looked like.

Spring was filled with getting out to our land and shooting our guns. Getting my health in order. *I will be sharing much more on how I lost 30 pounds in the new year!* Being active and working. Yes, always working. Chris had his first season as the head baseball coach for our high school team and took them all the way to winning the district championship! It was so exciting! I am officially the loudest, most anxious baseball coach’s wife in the area. With baseball being the main event in the family, it makes the time pass and takes us almost to school ending! Before we knew it, we were packing up our classrooms and preparing for our end of school events. I also studied my most favorite Bible study EVER, “Fervent”! I even ended up doing my first Facebook Live over it! (You can see the post with the video and a free printable here!)

Summer is always the highlight of my year. No work. All play. Just the way it should be, right?!?! We try to fit in as much as we can as a family in this 8-10 weeks. I turned 30 (WHAT?!? haha, you can see my party here), sang at my friend’s wedding and rapped at her reception *yes I said rapped lol*, went to a Cardinal baseball game, tons of swimming, went to a Journey concert with my besties, outdoor fun, and ALL THE POOL FLOATS! 🙂 Unfortunately, this is where a lot of that “learning” I mentioned above started to kick in. We had trouble with our contractor on our roof as we were trying to sell our house, Rypken had his tonsils out at the end of Spring…then broke his arm on July 3rd. We were in the ER all night and he had surgery on his elbow July 4th morning. Luckily we made it back in time for fireworks. What I didn’t mention was that we were 3 hours away at my inlaws’ when he broke it, and drove 3 hours *after he had it set* to see the surgeon. It was a mess. What was supposed to be our fun family vacation turned into driving straight back home to the hospital and him having surgery. Thankfully everything turned out ok and his arm is perfect now! Again, “learning.” The rest of the summer he couldn’t swim. So that was another bummer.

Fall is my favorite weather of the year when it cooperates in Missouri. School started and I’m so grateful to be teaching a subject that I love… Social Studies and redid my entire classroom (see my classroom tour here)! Rypken started Pre-K and has surpassed all expectations! He is “learning” every single day socially and intellectually. I’m so proud of how far my little 3-star Raider has come in so little time! I also started focusing on revamping the blog and did a total overhaul. (If you didn’t know, I do everything myself…from the installing the web design, to editing, to emails, to social media, etc.)  I then connected with an old photog friend, Bella Luxe, and we decided to start working together! I am sooo excited for this collaboration, and you can see her wonderful work here (Falling or Denim), here (Fall Dress), here (Tulle Skirt & Hunter Boots), here (Pop of Mustard)here (Christmas Prepped)here (Gifting Fun), and here (Ruffled Plaid)! As a family we did some super fun fall things like visited Eckert’s Farm and picked our pumpkins and ate the best apple butter! Yum! It’s officially our favorite spot for festive functions! And we can’t forget we got a new POTUS this year! That was exciting no matter what side you were on!

Winter turned out to be the quickest season of the year, but yet the fullest.  We visited Eckert’s again to pick a Christmas tree (see the post here!). We baked cookies. We sang Christmas carols every Sunday at church. We visited friends and family throughout the month. It has been a great winter so far! As far as the blog, I have been able to work with so many sweet boutiques and local shops, as well as mainstream stores this year.  I’ve been trying different things *like VLOGGING! visit my new YouTube channel here* and struggling to figure out exactly what it is I want this little place on the internet I call my home to evolve into as I grow into my thirties. This fall I “learned” a lot, but I’m not quite there. I think 2017 holds a ton for The Preppy Christian! My last little surprise for you all is that I’m featured in a local magazine! You can read online here (Pg. 24-25)!

Happy New Year to you all! May God bless you in 2017!


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